Google Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Engine Optimization

Written by Jerry Davis
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Jerry Davis headshotGoogle Search Engine optimization is necessary for all businesses.  The reach and infiltration of the network into our daily lives is complete.  Therefore, if your business is not listed in the “five best” on Google Organic Search, you search engine optimization

It costs money to make money, and the savvy business owner is always glad to spend money where it will earn even more money.  You know that if you get a good return on SEO that you are all for it.

Sure you are.

Google Search Engine Optimization is website optimization which is specifically oriented to help your website rank on page one of Google for the search terms most likely to pertain to your business.  You should sign up today for your free Ranking Report and stop losing time.

For example, if you own a Garage Door Repair company and you want your garage door repair website to rank high in Dallas, TX, then a key search phrase for you will be “Dallas garage door repair”, or “garage door repair dallas”.  Variations of these are also necessary.

My point is that if you truly want your business to grow, you need clients, and if you cannot gain clients off the web from Internet search, your business will likely grow very slowly.  Conversely, if you have forward-looking competitors in your town who understand why Google search engine optimization is valuable, and they subsequently apply SEO for Google Search to their own website, they will gain all of the new clients that you yourself need to thrive and prosper.

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How Does Google Search Engine Optimization Work?

Good question, and you asked it at the perfect time.  Here is how it works:

Google delivers a product: search results.  But Google wants to deliver the best product so that it gets the most people possible to come to its website.  Therefore, quality is also a product that Google desires to deliver.  How does Google deliver a quality product with so many millions of websites on the Internet?

Easy.  Google wrote some software that evaluates websites on certain criteria.  The software (their secret “Search Algorithm”) then looks at a good many factors to determine which site is “best” or Number 1, and which sites follow down the pecking order.

Where is your site in your pecking order?

google search engine optimization components

What Else Does Google Search Engine Optimization Require?

Google also looks at social and trust indicators.  If you have a lot of backlinks to your site, that can be great.  Or it can be very bad.  Depends.  If your website is a photography website linked to a lot of non-related websites, it might hurt you, depending on how Google evaluates those linked websites in terms of similar criteria.

You want backlinks to some special websites that have certain specific factors in their favor.  Sorry we cannot be more detailed on that subject, but Google search engine optimization is our specialty.

You also want the content on your website to be optimized according to a formula (or as near to it as possible) that works with Google.  We cannot be more detailed on that either, because this is our own secret sauce, but your content has to be rich in information that communicates to Google that you are the perfect solution to their searchers problem.

Other Criteria Influences Rank On Google Search

The age of your website/registration.  Older is better.  Brand new sites can sometimes rank quickly, but not usually.  Google’s “Sandbox” slows new sites down on purpose to prevent porn sites, spam sites and other dark-side entities from flooding search results.

Facebook (FB) and Twitter also come into play.  If you have a Facebook account, be sure that your business is prominently displayed on your FB page, and ask or beg your friends and even (gulp) family members to link to you.

Another thing, and a very little known secret: Google measures how many people or browsers actually have your website saved as a “favorite”, or have it bookmarked.  That little nugget is never discussed, but our research proves to us that Google counts favorite status.  As is common, more = better for you.

Google SEO – “Google Search Engine Optimization”

Google SEO is as necessary for business today as a cash register, or a merchant account, or a DBA or LLC.  You will never gain enough business through billboards or referrals or direct mail or whatever to compensate for having a low-ranking website.  The Internet is everyone’s first option for information, and Google Search is everyone’s first option (ok, 70 percent of the people) for that information.

If you do not rank on page one of Google Search, you are like the team that came in second in the Super Bowl last year.  Who was that?  Few remember because we are not interested in 2nd place.

Optimize.  Thrive. Win.  Google search engine optimization from Google Systems.
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